Once more, with feeling!

Time to return to the blog.  No one reads it, but I enjoyed keeping the previous incarnation for fourteen years.  A good long time.  Until I lost my credit card in Phuket, Thailand (a journey documented here: https://strangehorizons.travellerspoint.com/).  And then forgot to update a new card on my hosting account.  Everything lost.

But the thing about loss is it’s always a good opportunity to start again.

So to recap, I am a writer.  Mostly poetry, but I’m trying fiction now too.  And essays, I suppose, but more epistolary ones that I wrote during a correspondence with another writer.  The blog is an interesting medium in that it provides me with a platform to write to an audience and not just one specific person, be it either me or a friend.  So here we go again.

I need some sort of outlet, some way to write aside from my work.  I guess it helps me reflect.  Anyway, blogs are kind of dead now, aren’t they?  It’s too bad.